Caring for a loved one with specials needs takes special people. Like you, I have personal experience caring for a loved one with special needs, and I know that it is a lifelong commitment that can be made easier with proper planning.

It is time to step away from the added stress of surviving day-to-day and start planning for a more long-term future for you and your loved ones. At Forest Financial Planning Group, we’ve designed a 3-Step Future Planning Process called “Retirement for Three,” designed to help special needs families take advantage of government tax benefits now while protecting them from future financial curveballs.

As someone that has lived in your shoes – and speaks your language – we will work closely together, walking through each step of my process. Our goal is to help you stop worrying about the money and begin to have a better quality of life, starting with a better night’s sleep.

I am on a MISSION to help other special needs families get every financial benefit and preparation available to confidently know that they can be better than okay but thriving.

Schedule a No-Obligation 30 minute “I’ve Got You” phone call with me today to discuss your situation in more detail.


Special Needs Consultant

Please note that Forest Financial Group, LLC can provide information, but not give tax or Social Security advice. Consumers should seek guidance from their tax advisor or the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. Forest Financial Group, LLC may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and may introduce insurance products such as a fixed annuity as a potential solution.

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