Take Control of Your Retirement

Does your current retirement strategy stand up to the new challenges of retirement?  

This thought-provoking workshop examines today’s retirement planning realities, and can help you assess whether your current financial plan is fit to successfully navigate your path to retirement.

Join us to:

  • Understand how you can build a strategy for retirement that improves your possibility of success, creates a margin of safety and addresses worst-case scenarios.
  • Discuss whether traditional draw-down strategies are still viable in today’s environment.
  • Learn how to identify your “Lazy Money” – your potentially underperforming assets – and hear about vehicles that can put them back to work for you.
  • Learn about the “Retirement RedZone” and determine whether your current strategy is sufficient to see you through it.
  • Learn how to assess your current market exposure. Does it match your current risk profile?
  • Understand the potential impact of investment fees, inflation and longevity risk on your financial well-being in retirement, and your legacy.
  • Hear strategies that can help you keep up with potential rising costs and provide a stream of income for all of your years in retirement.
  • Investigate how to reduce your exposure to “sequence of returns” risks.

Learn how various financial strategies and insurance products can help solidify your retirement goals.  

Reservations are required. Seating is limited and may fill quickly.

Any guarantees offered on various financial strategies that include insurance products are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the Issuer.

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